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Hey, you made it!

We are the co-owners of Soul[food] Searching. We are super excited to share our journey with you. Not only are we a good time, we are VERY serious about living life. Our personalities definitely set us apart from one another and make for interesting conversations. A couple of us like to debate more than others but we won’t point any fingers. We are also so diverse in our individual careers from educators, therapists, entrepreneurs, and psychologists, but what really connects us is our love and passion for… you guessed it, life experiences through food and travel.


Soul[food] Searching is based off of our immense passion for travel, culture, and food. It is these elements that we so often witness bond many people including US! This venture dates back to high school when we would gather around Grandma’s kitchen table and talk about the places we want to travel, the cultures we want to experience, and the foods we just had to try; and here we are 20 years later living our best lives.

Here’s where you come in!

We not only want to share our experiences through our blogs, videos, and pictures but we want you to join us in the fun by attending our MEET UPS and trying our RECOMMENDATIONS.

"Food for the body is not enough, there must be food for the SOUL"

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We love exploring and getting the very best this world has to offer. We are very adamant about sharing our experiences and how we go about making them happen. We do this is by blogging and giving away all of our travel secrets as well as our do’s and don’ts while abroad. Planning is not everyone’s strong point. There is so much to think about just in the planning process alone and we are here to help you as much as possible. Picking a new place to explore or a new dish to try can seriously be a task, but no worries we are here to the rescue!

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