Soul[food] Searching is the foundation of five high school best friends who enjoy traveling and tasting the best that life has to offer. All five of us are Mississippi rooted but love to take our experinces beyond the southern soils in search of what soul food is to other cultures. It is our mission to expand your taste buds when you travel and maybe even have you tag along with us on our very on expeditions. 


We Got Soul

We all speak a universal language when it comes to soul food. HAPPINESS! Soul food is what joins us together and makes us feel good inside. We can recall some really good moments around some really good food with friends and family. The soul that is put into foos are the traditions of our culture. With that being said; every culture is different therefore every soul food dish is crafted specially. It is our mission to find as many of those traditions as possible and enjoy the uniqueness each culture we come across. 

Not only is food our passion, but so is travel. I mean come on, you have to get out and explore in order to find those hidden jewels known as favorites to the locals. With bases in Mississippi, Texas, and Italy nothing beats calling up your girls for that overdue girl's trip.